We represent both businesses and individuals in a wide range of litigation matters and civil actions. Litigation at Watson Legal Group includes representation of both plaintiffs and defendants in mostly commercially based actions.

As a firm with experience in litigation, we specifically help our clients collect amounts due or defend against claims for open credit accounts, unpaid invoices, and other receivables. These matters typically involve alleged breaches of contract, fraudulent transfers, or personal guaranties of business obligations. We also have extensive experience handling litigation involving both residential and commercial foreclosure.

Construction Law

We represent both plaintiffs and defendants during actions asserted for amounts allegedly due on account of material, labor, or services provided during construction projects. These matters typically involve alleged breaches of contract, negligent construction, and construction defects. These matters range from relatively straightforward actions for accounts receivable to highly complex and fact-intensive construction disputes.

Litigation Services We Provide:

Lawsuits on Notes and Personal Guaranties

In matters of amounts due, the team at Watson Legal Group provides litigation services regarding breaches of contract involving Promissory Notes and Guaranties.

Foreclosures/Writs of Possession

Foreclosure is an option by which the lender repossesses collateral after the borrower has not made payments towards either the principal or the interest of the loan. We have comprehensive experience in the litigation of foreclosure matters in both residential and commercial cases. Foreclosure is often a last resort due to the consequential economic loss by both the lender and the borrower.

Deficiency Actions

If the proceeds received through a foreclosure do not satisfy the amount owed by the borrower, a deficiency action is often filed. Watson Legal Group has prosecuted and defended numerous deficiency actions.

Mechanics’ and Materialmen’s Liens

In order to ensure payment, parties involved in the construction industry, such as contractors, laborers, and material suppliers, use a Mechanics’ and Materialmen’s Lien to secure a claim until the debt is paid.